“Be water, my friend…”: Bruce Lee

“Empty your mind, be formless… shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle; it becomes the bottle. You put it into a teapot; it becomes the teapot. Water can flow, or it can crash. Be water, my friend…”

This quote of Bruce Lee is one of my favorites. If you practise wing chun, you know exactly what he means. Do not use force to fight force, just be like water and flow your punch into the opponent.

Short verion of the interview.

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3 comments to “Be water, my friend…”: Bruce Lee

  • Daniel Brogli

    I relate this quote to parkour. I have been thinking of the atributes of warter and how it relates to how I should move, think, and act.
    flows (as should we in communication and movement)
    transparent (it hides nothing, You see through it)
    reflective (We need to reflect how something looks in our mind to perform it)

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  • Like the site. Just to let you know i have a new website, bruceleedvds.co.uk which lists all the dvds and blu rays of Bruce Lee movies released around the world and compares them, hope you find it useful.

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  • Karen

    hmm, true and my fave quote as well :D Though I don’t quite think thats what he meant by flowing…. Coz he did sort of abandon Wing Chun after learning for a while… His meaning of flowing probably meant to not learn martial arts in steps. like in karate. but do it naturally. :3

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